“All around a great product! I give it 5 golden orgasms!!”

The Magic Banana–an odd name for a kegel trainer–but what a magical trainer/toy! I had the extreme pleasure of trying out this ingenious product and one thing is for sure – it is magical! Simple design, idiot proof, and doubles as a toy!! Amazing!

Great for someone who is just starting to explore kegel training or for a seasoned pro. You stimulate while you train. And if you get bored it doubles as a g-spot toy (what an amazing distraction!) Use it alone or with your partner for some kegel training fun!

The reason why I really enjoyed this trainer, aside from the great orgasam it gave me is this: For someone who is new to kegel training or who isn’t familiar with the sensation of g-spot stimulation this is a great way to better acquaint yourself with the sensation allowing you to better understand what pushes your sexy buttons. And if learning to squirt is something on your bucket list, this toy will help you get to waterfall bliss … just make sure to hydrate and practice 😉

All around a great product!! I will be using this product again…shortly…like with in the next ten minutes if I can. I’m hooked!! I give it 5 golden orgasams!!

Yours Truly, Wicked Wanda’s Demo Girl
Stay sexual,explore your naughty side, and be a little Wicked 😉
Lot’s of love xo

Magic Banana® ReviewWicked Wanda's Magic Banana® ReviewWicked Wanda's, Inc.

The Magic Banana® is good, good, good!


“Girls, this is what we ALL need!”

M.M., 56, Quebecto her all female choir-mates

After receiving a Magic Banana® as a gift, I threw out – yes THREW OUT – two very expensive vibrators. From now on, it’s Magic B and me!

I had only had the pleasure of experiencing my g-spot once through intercourse, and could never seem to find it again. With The Magic Banana® I was able to locate my g-spot on a regular basis which allowed me to get used to the feeling and extend my comfort level – it’s such a sensitive area!

WOW!!!!!! I love it! You are a Goddess incarnate and The Magic Banana® is so awesome!!!

I will definitely be spreading the word about the wonderful, wonderful Magic Banana®.


The Magic Banana® has no moving parts and relies on your own rhythm and your own energy for your pleasure. It allows you to discover your own sexual vibe and your own body – it is an intimate and active self-loving tool. I’ve been using mine for two years now – and it is truly a Goddess-send. I’m a very sexual person naturally, but The Magic Banana® has allowed me to take myself to new heights


The afternoon it arrived, a miracle occurred – I discovered that I HAVE A G-SPOT!”


Emily, 20University Student

I love my Magic Banana® and so does my boyfriend – he brags about my muscles!”

The Magic Banana® has helped me strengthen my inner muscles and given me the ability to be more explicit with my partner – in terms of directing his attention.


This was jaw-dropping, OMG! I had THE #1 BEST all-time orgasm!

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